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Free printable safety signs

Printable Signs
By using plastic holders for your temporary signs, you can switch out printable signs as your needs change.

Whether you’re setting up a business or just fixing up your property, you’re going to need signs. Depending on the environment in question, OSHA and planning regulations can require a broad spectrum of sign types: signage telling construction workers to put on their hard hats, illuminated exit signs, placards warning about potentially carcinogenic agents. A sign you generate from your home or office printer won’t pass muster in some of these highly regulated situations, but you might need a stopgap measure while you order professionally manufactured, customized signs.

Premium sign companies have stepped into the gap by providing free, downloadable signs in PDF format. These can be printed using home or office color printers, on office paper or cardstock – whatever you have available. Heavier paper will last longer and is probably a good idea if you need your safety signs to stick around for longer than a few days.

Most of these premium sign companies’ offerings will allow for a little customization, too – so if you have an urgent, specific need to warn workers about a hazard (like acetylene or diesel fuel), or remind workers of specific PPE (personal protective equipment) they need to wear in the area, you can redesign your sign to suit that need. Similarly, you might have a specific emergency situation, such as a broken elevator or a jammed revolving door, and printing a custom sign from a template can help you be clear about the temporary situation.

You can also purchase plastic wall-mounting sign holders, which are available in either 8 ½” x 11” or 7” x 10” – these mean never having to just scotch-tape a sign to a wall and hope it sticks again. These holders are ideal if you think you’re going to need to switch signs frequently – you can use them to announce who’s using a conference room, or to indicate who’s on duty at a work site.

Users should be warned that sign printing isn’t as straightforward as finding a good printer that’ll tackle hard surfaces. Top-notch signs use proprietary reflective films made by companies like 3M™, plus special paints that can’t be bought on the open market,so there’s a vast difference between any sign you can print at home, even if you have access to an industrial printer. And purchasing your permanent signage from a retailer will put your mind at ease about making your signs compliant, particularly when it comes to OSHA regulations. No matter how high-tech your facilities, professional printing makes a huge difference in the longevity, compliance, appearance, and weather ability of your signage, so it’s best to consider printable safety signs as a welcome short-term solution, rather than a permanent fixture.

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