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Customize your printable safety sign

Customization software makes sign
Customization software makes sign personalization fast and easy. Most vendors will even allow you to print your customized sign.

If you’re in a hurry and can’t find the exact message you want in the large collection of free downloadable signs, any reputable vendor will offer you the opportunity to make your own online. Generally speaking, these vendors will give you a template that you will be able to fill in with your own information to create a sign that works well for your purposes.

For most customization templates, all you’ll have to do is click on the template that you wish to use and fill in the text as desired. You’ll be able to choose your font, as well as the font size. Many customization tools will even offer you the opportunity to change the size of the font on different lines, allowing you to emphasize exactly what you need to emphasize.

As far as printing goes, it would usually be preferable to print on cardstock, as it is more durable than your standard A4 printer paper. Lamination can also go a long way toward improving durability by making your printed sign resistant to water and the elements, as well as making it easy to clean off. Sometimes you may want to make sure to let the page dry before sliding it into a holder or laminating sheet, since on heavier cardstock it can take a minute or so for inkjet ink to dry.

Many of these premium sign vendors will also allow you to save your design on your hard drive. This makes printing another copy easy. Should your first copy print poorly or in the wrong color, this quick access can be extremely useful. This also means that you can print as many copies as you need, which is great if you need to affix safety signs to, say, a number of dangerous chairs. If there’s a temporary sign that you know you’ll need to use from time to time throughout the year, you can save the PDF to your hard drive. Then, the next time there’s heavy snowfall, you can print off another copy of “CAUTION: Snow may fall from overhang” right outside your entrance – forewarned is forearmed!

Customizing your own sign can also be useful if you need to duplicate the warning of a permanent sign in another language. For instance, the manager of a convention center might want to replicate a No Entrance sign in Spanish when a South American company rents their facilities, to accommodate all their guests and make sure restricted areas are clear.

Customizing your printable sign can be a good way to get the exact sign you’re looking for at a very low cost. Though they lack the durability of an aluminum or plastic sign, they can act as either a good placeholder or even take the place of a sign, especially in indoor locations.

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